Bad software, like a bad sausage, can kill you

It’s said that you don’t want to know what goes into a sausage.  You just want to slap some mustard on it, grab a beer, and watch the game.  I get it.

It’s the same for anything run by software.  You don’t want to think about it.  You just want it to work.

But the thing is, at least when you grab a sausage and slather it up with toppings like onions and hot peppers and mustard or whatever, you know that somebody, somewhere, set out rules to make sure that it was safe for you. 

Not so with software. 

There are more regulations about how to build a safe sausage than there are for building safe software.  How do I know that?  Because we have no software safety laws.  None.

FACT:  Faulty software is the invisible killer of the 21st century.

FACT:  Faulty software is now the leading cause of medical device recalls.

FACT:  Faulty software takes control away from the driver and causes the vehicle to race out of control and crash.  Same for public transit buses. 

What can you do? We have a few suggestions.